I hope I didn’t creep you out!

Last night, my husband and I were driving around Beach Drive to take some photos of festive homes decorated for the holidays to post here at BDB.   I did notice one home where a couple was viewing me snapping shots from the street.  It honestly didn’t dawn on me how creepy this could feel.   Yuck!   Please forgive me if I creeped you out…I’m not the WS Peeper…just the Beach Drive Blogger.


  1. We think about that sometimes too when we’re out driving around taking pictures of Christmas lights, or in daylight, taking pictures of construction projects, road work, what have you — wondering if anyone has noticed us and is thinking “why are they sitting in their car taking pictures – private detective? or?” Maybe we all just need lights with signs on top of our cars, like pizza delivery people, taxicabs, etc. “TAKING PICTURES FOR WEBSITE” … hmm … or something shorter and catchier!

  2. Now that would be funny (or maybe not)… a neighbor calls me in the the police for taking Christmas photo and then calls WSB to report it! Maybe we need t-shirts or press-hats?

  3. I ran into you, Rhonda, and I’m waiting to see the pic of the beautiful blue wreath across from La Rustica. You would never strike me as a creepy photographer. But the guy who was driving you around, now that’s another story…. 😉

  4. No doubt, Miss Texas! The photo will be posted soon. I’m pacing myself…one holiday neighbor photo per day. 🙂

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