Suspicious cars parked at Mee Kwa Mooks

I received this email from a Beach Drive neighbor concerned about suspicious car at Mee Kwa Mooks Park:

"This morning at 5:45ish I was out for a morning walk/run and noticed a early 90’s/late 80’s (4) door model Mazda Protégé. It was a dark maroon color. Their were people sitting in there and the car was running. I believe they may have been sleeping; however, they did not move their car until 11:40ish. I had literally just decided I was going to go and get the license plate number just to hang on to….For all of the “suspicious” activity with car prowlers and attempted break ins I just thought I might spread the word… thanks."

Benjamin Kinlow, Community Crime Prevention Coordinator suggests:

"…keep a record of suspicious person and vehicles.  I am including an attachments [see below] to help you with keeping a record.  If you see vehicles at this location serval times a week, then I can let the Community Police Team Officer know and request patrol check the park every day."

Download nuisance_log.pdf

Download nuisance_house_packet.pdf

For more information, you contact:

Benjamin Kinlow, 684-7724
Community Crime Prevention Coordinator
Seattle Police Department
Southwest Precinct, 2300 SW Webster St, 98106
Fax: (206) 733-9324

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