Car Prowlers on Beach Drive

I just received an email alerting neighbors about an incident that took place around midnight on October 30, 2007. The police were called.

The prowlers may have been driving a white older Mazda sedan and they were looking in cars with flash lights and trying door handles.

This took place around the 5200 block of Beach Drive.

Please remember to lock your car doors and do not leave anything of value inside your vehicle. It also helps to keep your home well lit inside and outside.

If you notice a prowler, call the police ASAP.


  1. They got my car which does not have an alarm but the doors were locked. They did not break a window but got in through the lock. Stole the stereo which was not a nice one and I can’t imagine they could get more than $20 for. Also took the pennies in the change dish. Don’t care about the stereo but what a pain to have to replace part of the dashboard they broke!

  2. Natalie, that sucks! Hopefully they get caught.

  3. I believe they may have tried my car on Sunday because my alarm was triggered. Luckily, the alarm scared them away.

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