Do you know the Bagpiper of Beach Drive?

Over the last two summers (since we’ve been on BD), occasionally you would hear the sounds of a bag pipe winding down a beautiful sunset.   From our viewpoint, we could see the bagpiper’s silhouette along the rocks at Emma Schmitz View Point.   It was magical. 

This summer, we have not seen or heard the Bagpiper.   Maybe it’s just been our personal misfortune and we’ve just missed his impromptu concerts?  Or maybe he’s relocated or retired his pipes?

We’ve been wondering and so has one of our readers.    If you are or know of this Bagpiper, please speak up. 

Update:   The Me-Kwa-Mooks group is hoping to locate him and ask if he could play on the 6th at the sign inauguration.    Please contact Judy for more info.

PS:  I’m told he was heard playing earlier this month! 


  1. I think there were more than one of them, actually…one used to come and play on the anniversary of his father’s death. The other would go down there to practice without an audience, and always seemed really self-conscious when we’d go down to listen to him. We had a few conversations but I never got his name. I’ve missed him over the summer, too.

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