Alki and Beach Drive Project$

This email is from ACC.  There are projects impacting Alki and Beach Drive.  You may want to check it out.   
This was mentioned at the ACC meeting last night.  We are in the running for $ for a project to continue the sidewalk on the water side of Alki Ave from the west end of the promenade to Alki Point.  The DPD has made this a bit complicated, but here the link to rank ALL of the projects in the order you’d like to see the money distributed:
Our project is way down the list:
2007-495 Alki Ave SW from 65th Ave SW to Beach Drive SW  $ 620000 – 760000
Here’s the main page for voting with background info:
Here’s the ranking criteria:
Here’s the online survey and your chance to mark the 2007-495 Alki project #1:
Or if you’d like to mail in your response, here’s a pdf to print:
Responses are due by THURSDAY, SEPT 27th, 2007.
Of course, if you see other projects you’d like to support include those, too!

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