Bald Eagle along Alki

A new BDB reader sent these amazing photos to share:


"I was Googling "West Seattle" and found the Beach Drive Blog. I really enjoyed all the pics in the area and just had to share this one. My son lives on Alki Dr. (He’s a West Seattle native.) I was just there the week of Aug. 13 – 21st for his wedding. We were sitting on the front deck at his house and my husband noticed the Eagle perched on the light post in front of his house. Of course, I grabbed my camera immediately. Then the eagle flew down on to the beach a started having lunch. It was such an awesome site! We live in northern Virgina near DC and do not see this kind of wildlife, especially in the city. I took many pics of him munching out but he would not look up. Then my husband starting making whistling noises which was when I took this pic. Well, the camera is gone, (it was stolen out of my luggage) but thank goodness I uploaded the 250 wedding and vacation pics onto my daughter-in- law’s laptop before I left."


Thanks so much for sharing your photos!   


  1. Great picture. I wish we had these in Reno. I was just in Lake Tahoe last week when a cayote crossed on the street. I guess we have our own fair share of wild animals

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