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Gary Vay-Ner-Chuck of Wine Library TV is so funny, I just had to share this with you.   Even better, his wine reviews are straight on.    I know we’re not the only wine-o’s in the neighborhood…here is his review of 2006 Mollydooker.   2005 Mollydookers had an almost cult-like following with very high ratings from Robert Parker last year.

We have purchased some of the 2006 econ-line (around $20) and so far, we prefer The Boxer.   The 2006 Two Left Feet is not comparing to the 2005.   Unfortunately, this review does not cover Boxer.

The good news is that (the last time I checked) West Seattle Thriftway has some Mollydooker stored "in the back".   You need you need to request it if you’re interested.   Esquinn may have some dooky,  too.

I’ve added a link to Wine Library TV to the bottom left of this site.


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