What’s in store for Beach Drive?

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed white dashes painted along both sides of Beach Drive.  Did someone from the city read my rant about bikes on the sidewalks…could it be for a future bike lane?   Is the city preparing to rip up BD much like the rest of West Seattle has tolerated?   Inquiring minds want to know…

Dsc_0063According to the city’s project list  (done well before my rant)…there are plans for a "bicycle improvements from Morgan Junction to Beach Drive (and beyond)".   I’m not sure if this is what the white dashes are about…it appears to be so.   

Geez…where will we park?

I may have to drop the West Seattle Blog a line…they know EVERYTHING West Seattle!

Update:  WSB has pointed us to another neighborbood blog:  Miller Park    

Has anyone received notice or information about this from our fine City?


  1. We just posted an update on this. A handout was distributed at the Alki Community Council meeting on Thursday night and it had full details. They’ll be putting in these sharrows “on Beach Drive from 63rd Ave SW to 48th Ave SW, extending up Lincoln Park Way SW to the intersection of 47th Ave SW and Fauntleroy SW.” Can’t find the actual handout online so we had to transcribe it.

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