Sights and sounds from the West Seattle Hi-Yu Parade

Img_5306I just uploaded a video to share with you that we had from our vantage point from the parade.   

We wound up planting ourselves on Charleston and California and it was kind of odd to be between two buildings that may be no more.    I love these apartments.    I don’t know if it’s the sloped roof line or the bricks.   I can’t imagine anything as lovely to my eyes will be replacing them.

Img_5388Every so often, I noticed employees of the Charleston Cafe peaking through the trees to catch a bit of the parade…I’m sure they were on breaks!

Last, but not least, check out this drill team (not sure if that’s what you call this talented group)…they are amazing!


  1. Yes – those were the Electronetts and not only are they a drill team, they won an award in the parade (one of the parade organizers was kind enough to share the award list with us and it’s in our final post about the parade).

  2. WSB did an excellent job covering the parade (and everything West Seattle). 🙂

  3. Hello Rhonda,
    I see a spot on your site for Beach Drive Neighbors, what is in this section and can I access?

    I hope my family will join you on Tuesday eve

    Tom, Peggy, Kate and Maggie Fine

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