Meeting tomorrow regarding The Painted Lady

I received a message regarding from The Landmarks, a preservation group that they asked me to share with neighbors.   

The Landmarks preservation Board is having a meeting this Friday regarding the proposed development of the front lawn of the Satterlee House – also known as the Painted Lady — the old Victorian style home at 4866 Beach Dr. SW.  …It is open to the public and I encourage any neighbor who has an interest in what is going to be built there to attend the meeting.  Currently, the front lawn has been subdivided into 3 building lots.  IF the house is not sold as an entire parcel with the front yard, there will be three homes built on the front lawn.  The Satterlee House is a designated Historic Landmark — there are many  who believe, having read the designation, that the entire setting is protected as a a Landmark. If there is any interest in this issue, we urge anyone to attend. 

The meeting takes place at 8:30 a.m. on Friday, July 27, 2007 at the Seattle Municipal Tower, 700 5th Avenue, 40th Floor, Room 4070.

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