Name that bird

I spied with my eagle (?) eye… I’m not sure if this fellow is an eagle or not.  I’ve never seen one with a white chest and distinguished markings on his head before.   Do any BDB bird watchers know what creature this is?





  1. i believe that guy is an osprey. I’ve seen him hovering above the waters around alki point. here’s a link to the Seattle Audubon’s info

  2. herongrrrl says

    An osprey it is. They are the original “seahawks.” They nest along the Duwamish River (you can see a nest pretty closely from Herring’s House Park) and do lots of fishing along Beach Drive this time of year. A couple summers ago I saw someone from USGS with a spotting scope at Emma Schmitz Viewpoint observing them for a population study they were doing. Ospreys, like the bald eagles, were a rare sight here until a few years ago. Nice to have them in the neighborhood now!

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