Cell Towers on Alki

The following is an exerpt from an email I received from an Alki Community Council member that I thought I should share.

Verizon Wireless has applied to add 8 more cell antennas on the apartment roof immediately above the Bar-S Playfield near the end of Admiral Way. Two other companies are also applying to add more antennas to those already there — the total will be 16 NEW antennas if they are approved by the Seattle Dept of Planning and Development.   

The antenna application form asks if there are any playgrounds nearby and Clearwire’s answer was "not to our knowledge." If you know of any Little League parents, or just concerned citizens in general, who might want to join us in our protest by writing a letter to DPD opposing Project # 3006268 would you tell them we are having a
meeting Sunday April 15 at 4:00PM.  Please click this link for more information (including the meeting location).

DPD’s address is PO Box 34019, Seattle 98124-4019 and the project # must be given in the letter. 


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