Before and After (after to follow)

We have a couple homes along Beach Drive that are currently slated to have some major changes to them.   I thought it would be interesting to track the progress and when it’s all said and done, feature a "before and after" post.   Of course I’ll include an after photo of the house I posted the other day "going up".

Here are two such homes:



West Seattle Blog has posted information about residential tear downs most recently happening on California.    The Seattle PI also covered the topic of teardowns and Seattle’s historic bungalows biting the dust just a few months ago.


  1. thanks for the photo of the top house, Rhonda; that’s near where we lived when we first moved to Seattle, and (as with other doomed buildings we’re posting about this week) we appreciated its design – the rounded roof vents (proper terminology?) in particular – that’s the last SFR standing for about three blocks of that side of B-Drive.

  2. I adore that house. Even the yard in the back. I picture all of life and memories that must have been made in that home. There’s another one across the street by the home with the “oar fence” that’s also slated for changes. I haven’t had a good picture of it yet… but I plan to snap shots of the “history” of Beach Drive before these homes are goners.

  3. Thanks for posting this! Every time I walk by these two, I wonder what Beach Drive will look like in 10 years. There needs to be something for everyone on Beach Drive, but there are not many beach shacks left. It’s sad to see these go. When we lose these houses we lose a little of that special feeling we love about this neighborhood. I hold a special place in my heart for Beach Drive Beach Shacks. It’s also sad to think that it’s getting to the point where you have to make MUCHO bucks to own on this street. Viva La Beach Shacks!

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