Public Safety Newsletter from Seattle Police Department

Published on March 2, 2007, here is a link to read the two page Safety Newsletter.   It is packed with very important information about safety.

Here are some facts, trends and security tips on home burglaries from the newsletter:

  • Burglaries most often occur between 11:00 a.m.  – 4:00 p.m.  when most people are at work.
  • Burglaries when the home is occupied, are rare.   The thieves do not want to encounter anyone.    They want to get in and get out with your goods.
  • Common points of entry include open/unlocked bathroom or kitchen windows and unlocked doors.    Ground level or basement windows and back/side doors are also popular.
  • Do not open your doors to strangers.   When someone comes to the door, answer the door without opening it even if you are expecting someone.    Notify your neighbors if you suspect someone strange is going door to door (this is a good reason to get our "neighborhood list" complete).

For more information about the Seattle Police Department Southwest Precinct, click here.

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