New Listing on Beach Drive

Okay…I am NOT a real estate agent, but I do live in the neighborhood and I’m in the real estate business (mortgage).    So I’m naturally nosey about the real estate in our area.    I’ve been noticing one of the homes getting spruced up lately and wondered if it was going on the market…sure enough!  It’s a cutey…listed for $495,000 (MLS#27034408).

I just happened to notice an a-board sign on the street this afternoon (while I was spring cleaning my garden).   Minutes after it was set out, the home was swarming with interested parties.   I even saw a couple run to see it!   The sign post is not in yet…it was amazing to watch the potential buyers checking out this home.



  1. Oh dear! As an eastsider I’m choking on that price. I hope it’s at least on the water. Water is everything.

  2. Eastsider choking on the price? Aw…come on! We’re talking not on the water…but right across the street from Puget Sound. Did you see the interior photos? It’s a very nice home.

  3. I always thought this looked like a cozy house. It’s a great price- I did not think there were any left in this neighborhood at that price-I am guessing it will be snatched up soon. Wish I could add it to my collection!!

  4. Cat Woman says

    …the best feature of this house is of course, all the great neighbors!

  5. Involuntary Cat Guy says

    House Sold in 3 days. Get your cookies ready for the new neighbors.

  6. This home is now available for rent. I didn’t see for how much.

  7. Hi guys!think its nice to live there,but i think its no vacancy at this time. How i wish,i saw this earlier. Thank you for sharing this,keep up the good work.


  8. Yeah,…your right! It was amazing to watch the potential buyers checking out this home. It is really interesting, even I, I am interested about it. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading it.


  9. I definitely agree for what you observe,thank so much for this entry i learn some tips. Keep up the good work.


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