Old Photos of Your Seattle Home

Did you know that if your home was built prior to 1930, there may be a photo of it in the State Achieves that you can obtain? Scan0001_2

It takes a couple weeks to receive the photo and for a few cents extra, you can order the records that they have available from that time (in our case, it wasn’t much to write home about).    The photo is from 1937, our home was built in 1928.

To order a photo of your home from the Puget Sound Achieves, click here to send an email.   You will need to provide:

  • Property address
  • Tax Parcel Number (I can help you find this if you don’t have this handy)
  • Legal Description (lot/block…they just want a brief one)
  • Your name and contact info

You can order anything from a 5×7 for $17.00 to a 16×20 for $55.00.   They will let you know what is available.

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