Hummer’s on Beach Drive

Dec_29_007My neighbor, Suzanne, has me hooked on Hummer’s…. hummingbirds that is!  She informed of the importance of keeping their feeders full of fresh simple sugar water  and to change the water 1-2 times per week. They have been so much fun to watch over the winter.  I’m guessing we have three hummingbirds that are visiting our three feeders in our yard.    They are very entertaining creatures!   They have an electric chirp, do not seem afraid of humans and are absolutely beautiful with their iridescent feathers.   They certainly add a nice bit of color over the winter months when my garden is looking a bit drab.

This photo is from our kitchen window.   West Seattle Nursery is where I’ve purchased my feeders.  They have a good selection of glass feeders.  I have a "fancy" glass blown one as well that I found at the Bellevue Art Fair last summer.   I’ve not seen any birds at that one so it’s just yard art!

This time of year, I believe it is Anna’s Hummingbird.   Later in Spring, Rufous Hummingbirds appear in the Pacific Northwest.


  1. I enjoy watching humming birds too. Photographing them is quite the challenge! You did a good job of capturing the wings of this little fella..

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Krystal. You are quite the photographer, too!

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