Help for Lost and Found Pets

Note:  Please email me as soon as possible and I’ll do a post on your lost or found Beach Drive Pet.   Including a photo is also helpful.   Beach Drive Blog has a pretty good success ratio on reuniting pets to homes.

Img_3942Last year, some neighbors and I found a lost dog.   He (or she) was obviously someone’s missing pet.  I made posters and had them on many telephone poles up and down Beach Drive.   Luckily, for our cats and one-eyed pug, a friend of the owner found us walking the dog the night before tucking it in that evening.   

Here are a few helpful websites I found during this event where you can post lost or found pets:

Seattle Times

Craigs List

The Stranger

Seattle Animal Shelter

West Seattle Herald

Dog Detective

Please let me know if I’m missing any resources for our lost and found pets.  We all want our pets home…safe and sound.


  1. Be sure to:
    1) Have your Vet microchip your pet
    2) keep your info (cell phone etc)updated with the microchip company *AND* your vet
    3) Have an old fashioned pet tag made with your current phone number and address as not everyone will take your lost pet to a vet or shelter right away to have the chip read.

    As a responsible owner you should do the above even if your pet is “indoors only”, as pets do escape. Sadly many of the pets ending up in shelters after Katrina would have been able to be reconnected with their owners had their owners done the above.

  2. Tim Wilson says

    My wife and I found a border collie with a black face–travelling with a pug–headed north on Beach Drive at about midnight on New Year’s Eve. Both dogs were spooked by the fireworks. The Collie is staying with us–if this sounds like your dog, please contact us at (206) 331-1473.

  3. sarah thomas says

    post a notice at gas stations close by – everyone checks into gas stations when looking for a place to ask if they’ve found a pet…

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