Earth Art

Dsc_0349_1Along Mee Kwa Mooks Park this morning, my neighbor and I discovered this mysterious earth art that begins at the park bench and travels to the Puget Sound.

Dsc_0350The artist must have gathered his materials from across Mee Kwa Mooks where the mud and earth pile from the December storm remains.

Dsc_0357 Later this morning, another neighbor informed me that a teen worked on this creation a few days ago.   I wish I had their energy! 

Dsc_0356Perhaps the young artist was inspired by Day Light Saving Time being earlier this year on March 11, 2007 or maybe it was a touch of Spring fever?   

Who knows….kuddos to the kiddo!   What a fun way to start Valentine’s Day.


  1. Whitney Petersen says

    I happen to know the artist! In fact, he lives at my house!!! He would never claim his art although I know that he is proud of what he has created. He is inspired by a love for the natural world. I am very proud of his work as well. It makes me so happy to hear that other people are also enjoying it. I know that he just wants people to get out, appreciate the outdoors, and talk to one another. (He is actually 28.)

  2. He’s very talented indeed and I know it delighted my neighbor and I on our walk that morning. I noticed that people left it alone too–I think they enjoyed the art.

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