Calling All Patches Pals!

Jp_pg_01_2JP Patches does not live on Beach Drive.  However, he IS a Seattle treasure and in less than 10 days, he will receive a huge honor.

A few Patches Pals at the Northwest Academy of Television Arts and Science are raising money to build a statue in recognition of JP and, his long time friend, Gertrude’s 50 years in Seattle.

Last year, JP was featured in an article in the Seattle Times on why he is so worthy of the statue.

I have been staying in contact with NATAS in order to keep tabs on the fundraising progress (did I mention a Patches Pal?).    I am so pleased to announce that on Saturday, February 10, 2007 at the Red Door Ale House in Fremont, JP and friends will be unveiling the scale model of the statue and the website where people can visit to donate or purchase Patches Pavers (i.e.–buy a brick).  I actually suggested selling "patches" similar to JP’s old carpet at the City Dump back in June to NATAS–so I’m absolutely tickled that this is what they are doing as part of the fundraiser.

All Patches Pals are invited to this event–spread the word!

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