The Official BHS Club

OrsonYou’ll have to ask John (Tootsy’s pet) what it means!  Every morning, afternoon and evening my old Pug takes me for a walk.  There is no walking him.  He pulls me where he wants to go and stops where he wants to stop.   That 20 pound body has amazing strength and determination.    During these walks, we say hello to the usual characters.   

Gizmo, the toughy in the club, will give a ferocious bark to scare you off (hopefully before you see his cute self).   Oliver is very cordial.  And Tootsy is a spitfire.   And I cannot forget Rosie.  She just wants to say hello to everyone!  (I wish I had pictures of all of them…to show you).    Orson, my dog, is getting up in years and he either wants to say hello to all or would rather just pass on by and get to business. 

This morning, we all just happened to meet at the same time and it’s always fun.   Catching up on the latest storm and whatever else might be going on in the neighborhood…of course, I told all of the dog’s pets about the Beach Drive Blog.    And…I let them know that we are looking for other contributors and authors to this blog….hint hint.

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