Do you know the owner of this sailboat?

This 20 – 25 foot sail boat (similar to a Thunderbird style boat) appears to be drifting.

aug 8 boat 2

We first noticed this boat closer to Weather Watch Park. We are not sure if it broke anchor or is dragging anchor. The boat is currently off the shores of Emma Schmitz View Point (approx 4600 Beach Drive).
aug 8 boat

A couple of notices have been posted on the vessel, which appears to be unoccupied.  If you, or someone you know, is the captain of this boat, please let them know it’s gone adrift!

aug 8 boat 3
The authorities have been notified.

Can you hear me now on Beach Drive??

If you you were wondering why someone was holding a pole along Beach Drive in 90+ heat…


I’m thinking she drew the short straw while her co-worker is driving all air-conditioned around the Beach Drive vicinity taking reception readings for Verizon Cellular.

Poor cell reception comes up pretty often in conversatio…tion… arou…nd here. Good to see Verizon taking action!


Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog




Filming near Mee Kwa Mooks Park

Right now a commercial for Wave Broadband is being filmed near Mee Kwa Mooks with an undisclosed star. Our intrepid Scupper says his lips are sealed… yet puckered, regarding the identity of the actress.

comm 3comm
comm 1

Working on the Sea Wall at Emma Schmitz View Point

Our intrepid reporter, Scupper, captured this photo of workers doing a temporary fix on the sea wall by Emma Schmitz View Point.

Wall Repair


This is to repair the damage from the stolen vehicle that went over the sea wall last month.


Meet “Scupper’s” Sister aka Seattle’s Bird Lady at Summerfest

My Sister-in-Law, Paula, is a talented artist who creates beautiful, functional copper roofed bird houses with antiques, whimsical, and themed designs. She will be at West Seattle’s Summerfest starting this Friday, in space 3 at “Seattle’s Bird Lady“.

My hubby and intrepid Beach Drive Blog Reporter, Scupper, along with his son, KC, will also be there helping out.

Please be sure to stop by and say hello!

IMG_20140709_162845064_HDR IMG_20140709_162741799_HDR IMG_20140709_162505106_HDR IMG_20140709_162301953_HDR


Who doesn’t need a 12th man birdhouse? :)IMG_20140709_163011514_HDR

Mystery Buoy washes up off the shores of Beach Drive

Earlier this week, while we were on vacation, we received these photos from Kimberly. This research buoy washed up on the shores along 5500 Beach Drive SW.

research buoy


research buoy 2

West Seattle Blog has reported this from King County:

King County Environmental Laboratory employees are looking into how a water-quality- data-collection buoy came loose from its mooring before washing ashore along West Seattle on June 29.

The buoy and its host of environmental sensors had been in place off Point Williams since July 2013 and automatically transmitted a wealth of important data about environmental conditions. King County employees were notified early in the morning of June 29 that the buoy was ashore along the 5400 block of Beach Drive SW, south of Me-Kwa-Mooks Park…

Exactly how the buoy came loose from its mooring remains a mystery. The buoy was secured off Point Williams by nearly 1,200 pounds of weight, including two railroad wheels and a heavy gage steel chain that was attached to the buoy by a shackle mechanism….

5th of July Hangover

This morning my husband, also known as Scupper on BDB, and I decided to grab a big garbage bag to pick up debris from fireworks that took place at Emma Schmitz last night. I was surprised to see just how much was left behind.


One of last night’s partiers forgot an unopened can of beer in the tall grass.


Happening now: Sidewalk Sale and Art Sale on the Corner

Be sure to tell them that you heard about it on Beach Drive Blog :)

The art sale (Art on the Corner) is at the corner of Jacobsen and Beach Drive.

The “fun and fab” sidewalk sale is at 3600 Beach Drive.
20140705_105316 (1)

West Seattle 8U All Stars WIN the Pony Regional Championship

EDITORS NOTE: Thanks to Aly for submitting this story to BDB!


Big baseball games on the West Seattle Pee Wee fields this past weekend as The WS 8U All Stars won the Pony Regional Championship. The championship on Sunday was a totally nail biter. The boys did great in a final game against the Montlake Terrace Blue Thunder. Behind for three innings they worked their way back and then took off with strong bats and defense that pulled them out two innings of bases loaded and two runs scored and shut it down in the final inning with a strike out and a throw out by the catcher. Today is the first day John took off his jersey, hopefully I will be allowed to wash it before he plays again.

There is a brief story on the WS Blog which includes a link to fundraising site that I would like to share with the Beach Drive Blog. What a start to summer.

Blog Story:

Fundraising link:

Emma Schmitz Seawall to get temporary fix

West Seattle Blog reports that the seawall that was damaged by the punks who sent a stolen vehicle into the Sound at Emma Schmitz Park will get a temporary fix. Read West Seattle Blog’s coverage here.

car june 22