Attempted Break In on Beach Drive

From, printed with permission:

“We had the police in our yard this morning at 4:40 am. We live on the 6000 block of Beach Drive. They arrested a man was coming out of our beach house. Evidently he had been trying to break in to several houses north of us and one had a ring doorbell. That provided a picture of the dude. The scary part was that he had a 10 inch butcher knife. We have a ring doorbell, but I think we are going to invest in more surveillance equipment!”

Back in late April, neighbors on 4700 block of Beach Drive found a man walking along the private bulkhead coming from the south (quite a ways from public beach access) with a full back pack. This was also reported to the police.

Stay safe, Neighbors!


  1. Wow! That is extremely scary! I sure am glad SPD was able to collar this guy!

    There are a few things I wonder about though:

    1) Who is this guy? Does he have a record? Is he one of our burgeoning transient population, looking for ways to fund his drug habit (thanks, Lisa Herbold!)?
    2) He was caught dead to rights engaged in Breaking and Entering. I wonder if Pete Holmes’ City Attorney office will even file charges, or if he’ll be back on our streets – and back to his tricks – in 48 hours or less?

    Honestly, we need to do more than just ‘stay safe’; we need to ask ourselves how we got here? We need to ask ourselves why our current City Council has allowed a population explosion of transient addicts in our city, while at the same time preside over a severe depletion in SPD’s ranks, to the point where all but the most dire of calls take hours for a response – if at all!

    CM Herbold never loses an opportunity to paint this as a ‘housing affordability’ problem, but I seriously doubt either this fellow, or the suspicious bulkhead-walker mentioned are engaging in their prowling because they can’t make their rent. If you buy that, I’ve got a slightly-used viaduct to sell you.

    This August, we have a couple of great alternatives to the status quo in the form of Phil Tavel and Brendan Kolding. Both are running for SCC CM for D1, and both look pretty darn good to me. I encourage you to check them out, and send one of them to City Hall.

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