Pokemon on Beach Drive!

You may have heard of Pokemon, or seen people wandering with their smart phones in hand… maybe you’ve seen a group of people gathering in the same location over and over again… this may all be about Pokemon Go which was released earlier this month.

Pokemon Go allows you to capture Pokemon that are hiding everywhere and use them for battle at “gyms”.

Full disclosure – I downloaded the ap yesterday and I’m having fun playing with this. I used to collect Pokemon cards with my son years ago – but never played the card game. Also, along the lines of full disclosure, I’m very new at this…and just thought it would be fun to share what the game looks like in our neighborhood.

This is the character I’m playing walking on Beach Drive in search of Pokemon and about to go to a poke stop, where I can get extra tools for playing the game.

2016-07-16 00.48.40

There are several poke stops along Emma Schmitz and Mee Kwa Mooks. Players don’t have to be in the exact spot in order to reap the benefits.

2016-07-16 00.48.51

And here is a Pokemon, Poliwag, that I was able to capture by Emma Schmitz View Point.
2016-07-16 00.50.24

Trying to find a “gym”, I wound up going down a trail that I typically don’t in Mee Kwa Mooks because it’s steeper than I prefer. I’ve heard stories from Beach Drive neighbors of seeing a person watching their cell phone (probably playing Pokemon Go) and walking into black berry bushes. There are stories all over the internet of things that have happened to folks playing the game.

I won’t tell you had I did with my first battle at the gym, which is located in Mee Kwa Mooks… but I will say this has been fun AND it has me out walking a lot these past couple of days! 🙂

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