Meet Beach Naturalist

Want to learn more about the marine plants and animals off the shores of Beach Drive? Meet trained volunteers with the Seattle Aquarium this summer for their “Meet Beach Naturalist” program. “South Alki” is off Beach Drive south the light house – just watch for the signs. Here are the dates.

2016 beach naturalist


  1. We have seen 2 beavers in as many months on the beach off the 5400 block of Beach Dr. One was found dead under our fence right off the beach and the other today was being chased by crows at low tide. Has anyone else heard of beavers in the sound? Where could these be coming from?

  2. Yesterday I saw a male turkey on the 3600 block of Beach Dr. He was walking along and checking out the houses and cars. I was on a run and did not have a phone to take his photo but he was near where the naturalists are.

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