Sewer Line Leak off the shores of Beach Drive

There was a sewer line leak reported two days ago at the pump station located near Constellation Park (also referred to by neighbors as “Constipation Park”). It is unknown the amount of sewage that was released into Puget Sound.

From King County:

King County utility crews are working quickly this morning to repair a sewer line leak near the 63rd Avenue Pump Station, which is located at 3535 Beach Drive S.W. in Seattle.

The small leak was detected last night in a 42-inch pipeline that pumps wastewater from homes and businesses in West Seattle to King County’s West Point Treatment Plant in the Magnolia neighborhood.

An undetermined amount of wastewater overflowed out of the pipe and into Puget Sound. To protect public health and safety, crews quickly initiated cleanup and posted warning signs to keep people away from affected areas.

Construction workers will be on site this morning to repair the pipeline.

King County reported the overflow to health and regulatory agencies and will monitor water quality over the next several days.



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