Car Vandalized this morning on 3800 Block of Beach Drive… and more crime…

This just in from a neighbor:

“This morning at 4:45 am on the 3800 block of Beach Drive SW, our car windows (rear and side) were smashed and a very important work suitcase was stolen. The alarm went off & we saw a white car take off driving.”

1:52 PM Update – I just read this on West Seattle Blog:

CARDS STOLEN FROM CAR IN 5600 BLOCK BEACH DRIVE: And used fraudulently, quickly, after the theft in mid-February, over the span of four hours, at a supermarket and three gas stations. The victim hadn’t even had the time to cancel the cards yet.

SPORTS EQUIPMENT STOLEN FROM CAR: At Beach Drive and Canada, a bag containing baseball equipment was taken


  1. todd anderson says

    I see a significant increase in graffiti around Alki and West Seattle recently and wonder if there is anything anyone can do? I contacted the SPD re my concerns and they said “someone will contact you” but of course, they never did.

    I see more graffiti daily and on my walk this morning noticed (hard not to) that the entire front side of a condemned and boarded up house overlooking Seacrest boat ramp was tagged overnight, Earlier Jack Block park was seriously damaged but thanks to the Port of Seattle Maintenance crews they have miraculously cleaned it all up.

    I understand that there are bigger and more serious crimes but the trashing of our town will lead to even more decay and I just wonder (and get angry) that it seems no one at SPD cares or has any plan to do anything about it.

    Am I alone in this concern?


  2. Kiro 7 came and interviewed about the recent incidents of car theft – watch the interview here: (so glad we are raising awareness!!!!)

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