Tires Stolen off Car at 6000 Beach Drive

This just in from one of our neighbors:

tireSometime in the early hours of Friday, December 5, one or more jerks stole three wheels from our car. (They were in the process of taking the fourth, but for whatever reason they didn’t finish the job). The crime occurred in the 6000 block of Beach Drive SW, and a police report has been filed. I know this is highly unlikely, but if you see or hear of 3 wheels for sale, please let me know. The tires are 235/45ZR17 on 17-inch wheels. I have attached a picture of our car after the event, and the one remaining wheel.

We completely understand how our neighbor feels. A few years ago, we had three tires stolen off of our Honda Fit. The creeps, I mean crooks, left our car laying on it’s suspension with just the one tire remaining. I assume somebody drove by causing them to leave the scene.

Please keep your eyes out for these wheels!


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