Sorry Fido…Off leash is unlikely in Lincoln Park

A BDB reader submitted this email to the City:

"Hi, I was wondering if there has ever been any discussion on adding an off-leash dog area to Lincoln Park. I live about five minutes away and no that as well as myself many of my fellow neighbors would love for an off-leash doggy play area to be added…Can you please update me or let me know what I can do to petition getting an off-leash dog area at Lincoln Park."

Here is the response:

There are no plans for an off-leash area at Lincoln Park. There are several factors that make an off-leash area there unlikely.

We strive for fair distribution of off-leash areas city-wide. West Seattle has an off-leash area at Westcrest Park, while some areas—Queen Anne and Magnolia—still have none.

The possibility of siting an off-leash area at Lincoln Park has come up in the past, but the citizen group that takes a lead stewardship role with the park, Friends of Lincoln Park, strongly opposed the idea. As well, the fact that Lincoln Park is an Olmsted-influenced makes it less likely that an off-leash area could be approved there.

Currently there is no money budgeted for an off-leash area. If you would like to petition for money to be added to the budget for new off-leash areas, you can contact the office of City Councilmember David Della who is chair of the Parks, Education, Libraries and Labor Committee. His e-mail address is

Thank you for your inquiry!


Laurie Dunlap

Superintendent’s Office, Seattle Parks and Recreation

As a side note, The Friends of Lincoln Park are looking for volunteers this Saturday to remove invasive plants.   

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