One-Eyed Willy

One-Eyed Willy greeted us today demanding peanuts.   Willy is a squirrel with, yep you guessed it, one eye.    Our two outdoor cats made a run for the safety of the interior of our home and would not mess with this squinting battle hardened critter.   



  1. capriquarian says:

    This tough little cookie has been mooching peanuts from us for about 4 years now. She suffered horrific injuries (broken little face, claws, missing hunks of skin, etc.)about 3 years ago, but just keeps on keepin’on. Last summer she became a mom, and is sometimes accompanied on her peanut rounds by her daughter. Keep your door closed if you don’t want squirrels in the house…several weeks ago I caught her burying her peanuts in the ficus in the family room!

  2. She is inspirational! Probably shouldn’t call her Willy…Willamena? I have not had the pleasure of meeting her daughter…I look forward to it. Thanks for your comment, Capriquarian.

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