Double Rainbow Sunrise

mortgageporter double rainbow

This beautiful sunrise is over Emma Schmitz Memorial Viewpoint. I can’t think of a better way to start my Friday, can you?

Another Beautiful Sunset

This sunset is through our neighbors crab pot on his bulk head. 

2012 09 15 19 09 58 694

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Beautiful Sunset Photo

Orangey sky sunset
Compliments of West Seattle Herald

Beautiful Sunset Pics from last Saturday

Beach drive sunset 2 (2)
Sunset beach drive 2196 (2)


Thanks to Beach Drive neighbor, Chuck, for sending us these beautiful photos of last Saturday's sunset.  See more of Chuck's photos on Flickr.

Last Night’s Breathtaking Sunset

The sunset last night was so beautiful that people were stopping their cars at Emma Schmitz View Point just to take it in.



Beautiful Sunset from Wednesday Night


Beautiful Seattle Sunrise

Thank you to Rayetta for sending us this fantastic photo of Monday's sunrise.

Super Moon hanging over Manchester

Caught from our telescope around 7 this morning.

Beautiful Sunrise over the Olympics


Last Night’s Beautiful Sunset


I'm so thankful my husband sent me an email to pull me from my computer so that I could catch the end of last nights sunset.