Explosion on Beach Drive

Around 1:40 a.m. this morning, a unnamed Beach Drive neighbor says they were awoken by a powerful explosion that reverberated through his home. Our intrepid reporter, Scupper says that by the water side Mee Kwa Mooks park, a garbage can was disintegrated and the telephone pole that it was sitting next to is deeply scorched.

Scupper reports that it appears that the hoodlums were planning a party as they left behind several uncooked steaks and hot dogs at picnic table at the park. They apparently left in a hurry after the explosion.

The Seattle Fire Department arrived on the scene just after 2:00 am this morning.

Hopefully these idiots are caught.


  1. “hoodlums”?

  2. Stephanie says

    Well that’s interesting, as this is right across from my house and neither my household nor my next door neighbor heard a thing last night. I even had my windows open because it was so hot. Perhaps we are just accustomed to all the ruckus that goes on unchecked every summer night despite many calls to the cops.

    Curiously, though, I did go out to try to trace the source of an especially loud firecracker burst around 10pm, and there were a couple guys with a little hibachi at the picnic table nearest the street in Me Kwa Mooks Park who said they saw some “kids” light off the fireworks and run. I wonder if they forgot their food when they cleared out. There were at least six separate parties of people visible in the park when I went out at ten, no way to associate what one left behind with what another may have done.

    I have lived beside this park since it was first built, and seen how things have escalated there over the years. I really feel the only way to prevent futher issues with the park (and wind up with even more of Alki’s problems migrating here) is to instigate some kind of community watch program. SPDs block watch program doesn’t seem to fit, since the park splits the neighborhood geographically and we need participation from both sides to be successful.

    If anyone reading this has interest in creating a park watch/”Friends Of” type group, please feel free to get in touch: tzonokwah@yahoo.com. It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time but not something I can do by myself.

  3. Hi Stephanie, Scupper noticed about 6 raw steaks and a package of hot dogs that were left behind… we are assuming it was from where the explosion came from.

    The first Tuesday in August is “Seattle Night Out” and could be a great opportunity for neighbors to get together and organize. http://www.seattle.gov/police/community-policing/night-out

    • Stephanie says

      It would be…I have, for years, considered organizing a party in the park for folks from both sides of it, but my inflexible work schedule prevents it. If folks see this and want to gather and discuss, that would be great, and I’d love to follow up afterward!

  4. I saw the burned telephone pole on my franci walk this evening. I Thought, Wow!

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