Sailing Sea Lion off of Emma Schmitz View Point

We’ve been watching a large sea lion floating off the shores of Beach Drive for the last couple hours. You may not even notice him as he looks like a log for a majority of the time…until he lifts his big head for some air.

We did contact Seal Sitters, as I’m told others have as well, and were told that he is probably “sailing” (also referred to as “logging”) to reserve energy during this cold weather. If he does come to shore or seems in distress, the person at Seal Sitters asked that they be called again.



Large Dead Jellyfish

A neighbor from the 4700 block contacted us yesterday regarding large dead jellyfish that were revealed during low tide.

dead jelly fish

From our Beach Drive neighbor, who also provided this photo: “About 20 huge, dead jellyfish washed up on our beach today. Anyone know what’s happening?”

According to the Seattle Aquarium, the Puget Sound is home to over  340 different types of jellyfish and even when dead, they still have the potential to sting.

I’m not finding information as to why so many would be dead. Do any of our readers know?

Seal on a Log

This adorable picture of a seal floating on a log was sent to us by Beach Drive neighbor, Rayetta.seal rayetta

Blue Heron caught peeping into Beach Drive Homes

This morning our guard cat, Rocko, spied a Blue Heron scoping out our neighbors home.


The Heron looks like he’s wondering what’s being served for breakfast. There is actually a second heron on the beach below.



Soaking in the sun

This seal seemed to be posing for pictures yesterday while sunning himself off of the shores of Beach Drive by Emma Schmitz View Point.
















Help Clean Up Alki Beach Park this Saturday, August 3rd

The Alki Community Council is jointly sponsoring the Seal Sitter’s clean up of Alki Beach Park this Saturday from 9:00 am to noon.  For more information, or to rsvp for this event, click here.

Sandy - Beach cleanup 2013

Marine Seal boards boat anchored off Beach Drive

Spotted this big fella posing on the back of a fishing boat this afternoon. And to think Beach Drive boat owner’s worry about seagull poop!


Looks like he could eat that outboard with just one bite


Scupper reporting for Beach Drive Blog (yes, that’s my boat!)

Tribes heavily crabbing off shores of Beach Drive SW

Throughout the last couple of days, I’ve seen at least three lines of crab pots set between Alki and Lincoln Park. This area of Puget Sound is only available for Indian crab harvesting. Other commercial licenses are restricted to other areas of Puget Sound. They appear to be tending the pots twice a day and releasing quite a few Sunflower Stars caught in their pots.





Sho’ am hope’n dey don’t empty all da honey holes of cwabbys befo us boys get a go at it on July 1st!


Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog


Ya Otter not swim in that orange stuff…

As I was un-admiring the creamsicle bloom just south of Emma Schmitz View Point, I spotted this fast approaching critter heading north along the beach.


Sure enough, the River Otter headed right for the muck! (Noctiluca blooms are not harmful to pets, us or wildlife)


…and onto the beach for a stroll


“What?? wanna watch me roll on my back & have a good ol’ belly scratch?”



Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog

Spring seal pup beached near sidewalk at Emma Schmitz Viewpoint

A Beach Drive resident & his dog kept a tight perimeter around the site of a snoozing young seal pup this morning. He quickly acted on the situation by alerting Seal Sitters which he happened to volunteer with in a prior year.

DSC 0963
Gordon with his Collie named Sophie coordinate with Seal Sitter volunteer
DSC 0969
Pup worked it’s way up sliver of beach
DSC 0965
DSC 0966
Stairs to lower section of Emma Schmitz closed off ’till momma fetches her pup!


Updated Information!

Hi Rhonda,

Thanks so much for the coverage of seal pup Shamrock at Emma Schmitz yesterday. However, I thought your readers would want to know that all harbor seal pups right now are weaned and anywhere from 6-8 months old. There are no pups waiting for mom to come back for them as reported in the post. 🙂

Harbor seal pupping season is late June – September in Puget Sound. Seal pupping season will be beginning, however, shortly on the outer coast of Washington and Oregon. Here is a link to a map that shows months pupping seasons in the various regions of Washington State:


All the best,

Robin Lindsey

co-author of the children’s book about seal pups, Leopard and Silkie

Scupper reporting for Beach Drive Blog