Eve of the Seahawk’s NFC Championship

As you can probably tell, we are very excited about tomorrow’s big game and look forward to adding another NFC Championship banner.


…I must confess – we have our Christmas tree still up… and we are leaving it up until we win the Super Bowl – the ornaments are down (we have a new puppy who was having too much fun them)… it’s only silly if it doesn’t work. Right?

How are you celebrating tomorrow’s big game?




Garage Sale at 4706 Beach Drive

Garage Sale Come check out this moving sale at 4706 Beach Drive SW (by Jacobson). The sale is taking place now until 4:00 pm tonight and again on Sunday from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm at 4706 Beach Drive SW.

Tell them you heard about this from Beach Drive Blog :)

NWS issues High Wind Warning and Storm Warning

High tide of 10.08 takes place at 2:48 this afternoon… so we may be dodging the opportunity to flood. The wind warning is in effect starting 5:00 pm tonight at which point, tides will be around 8 feet. The next high tide of 8.28 will be at 1:54 am.

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Tis the season for wind, waves and rain

I was caught on the West Seattle Bridge late this afternoon in an amazing display of Mother Nature’s force. It was more rain, wind and water than I have ever witnessed on the bridge. I’m very glad to be home!

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NWS issues a Flood Watch for tomorrow afternoon

The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Watch for Western Washington beginning tomorrow afternoon through Friday.

Potential flooding is anticipated to occur with the heavy rains from the possible thunderstorms (which are also in the forecast for tonight).  West Seattle Blog makes a great suggestion to check gutters and drains now to make sure they’re clear before the storm arrives.


Saturday and Sunday are looking nice and sunny :)

Tall ship riding the out going tide & the pic of the week

Caught up with the Hawaiian Chieftain square rigger on it’s way from Port Orchard to Kirkland where she’ll be fixing her canons on the Lady Washington! Carillon Point Marina will host the two traditional sailing vessels for mock battles and ship tours thru Sept 2nd.



And here is our pic of the week taken by Ron Sterling across the street from Lowman Beach. The controversial Murray CSO Control Facility is in full swing…


 Say goodbye to this 1926 duplex and the other long-standing houses along the strip.


Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog 




Big bottom fishing bust happening off Beach Drive

A frequent visitor to the south Alki “Rock Pile” reef appears to be suspected for illegal fishing. The authorities have been rafted up for at least an hour searching and confiscating what must be illegal fish. This has been a regular stop for this boat over the last couple of years.

DSC_0888The boat registration appears to be from Oregon

With a view from my telescope, I can see handcuffs being put on a couple of the men and a telephones being passed between the 10 fishermen/women/children and the authority. Might be a language barrier. Poles have been confiscated and paperwork passed out.

The bottomfish rules for Area 10 are as follows…


DSC_0904Several fish have been thrown to the gulls. We may be reading about this on a poaching enforcement site soon!


Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog

Don’t be Alarmed! Last Resort Fire Dept. just chill’n at Mee-Kwa-Mooks

Vintage fire trucks and crew take some time to relax after cruising the West Seattle parade earlier today…

Getting ready for the fireworks show at 10PM tonight?




Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog

Storm knocks out power along Beach Drive and West Seattle homes

I’m writing this wishing I would have charged up my phone as I’m using it for my Wi-Fi.

We’ve been without power for about 30 minutes. It seems as though the worst of the storm has passed.

West Seattle blog reports that approximately 4800 homes in West Seattle are without power.

Scupper Sr. says the worst part of all of this are sump-pumps not having power.

UPDATE: just as I’m publishing… looks like our power is restored! :) …plugging in my phone now to charge it up…just in case… looks like we may be having issues with our Comcast internet.

Okay… looks like Comcast cable is out too… lights are still on and my phone is still charging.

Blakely Rock Statue looks toward Beach Drive

I noticed this statue for the first time last week while cruising the rock located about 2.5 miles NW of Beach Drive Sw.  The statue was assembled with the end of the Mayan calendar in mind according to an Island blog named Inside Bainbridge. They caught up with the local stone artist who hauled nearly 1500 pounds of granite into place during our winter storms of 2012!


On second look, “Blakely Rock Man” may actually have his back to us. 


Just a few days later I spotted what appeared to be a stone Tiki God planted off the shore of Beach Drive. Neighbors claim that if you listen closely, you can hear the feint sounds of drums late at night…



Back at ya!


Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog