Potential Barking Dog Report: Wind, Waves and High Tides predicted for tomorrow

We have been keeping an eye on our mobile aps, WindAlert and PredictWind, which are both indicating that we could be in for quite a storm tomorrow morning. This, of course, coincides with very high tides of 12.8 feet at 7:00 am tomorrow morning.

Check out the tides predicted for tomorrow and how it potentially pairs with the wind forecast.

Here is the Puget Sound and Hood Canal Marine Forecast (last updated at 2:41 am):

 FRI  S wind 20 to 30 kt. Wind waves 3 to 5 ft. A chance of rain  in the morning then rain likely in the afternoon.

 FRI NIGHT  S wind 15 to 25 kt easing to 5 to 15 kt after  midnight. Wind waves 2 to 4 ft subsiding to 2 ft or less after midnight.

If this forecast holds, we think there’s a strong potential that we could experience waves slosh over our bulkhead… especially if the wind direction leans to the southwest.

Last but not least, we’ve used a picture of a howling golden retriever for our “barking dog” reports warning of potential weather issues. We thought you might like to see our retriever in action.

Hitch dedicates this song to his favorite gal, Indie.

Update on the repaving of Beach Drive

KOMO 4 news picked up the petition to repave Beach Drive a couple days ago.

In KOMO’s coverage, they state that “Beach Drive, according to SDOT, does not have a major bus route, and traffic volumes are not as heavy as other roads that are in need of paving”.

Beach Drive neighbor, Jim Unland provided us an update as well:

“I spoke with Sue Byers from SDOT this morning.  She is the Acting Manager of the Pavement Engineering Management Section (PEMS).  She said that she expects the City to do the repaving work on Beach Dr. from Orleans St. to Andover St. sometime this summer.

Besides waiting for the weather to improve, they also have to coordinate the installation of curb ramps at the affected intersections in compliance with the American’s with Disabilities Act.

They are unable to repave the area around La Rustica (Beach Dr./Carroll St.) at this time because of bid limit laws.  The work this summer will be done as an “in-house” job and the budget only allows for this Orleans St. to Andover St. section to be done.  I asked her to put the La Rustica intersection on the wish list and I am very hopeful that it too will get repaved as the budget and calendar permit.

One last thing, if the City has any sense, they will remove the word “Acting” from Sue Byers’ title.  She has been helpful, courteous, informative and responsive throughout my contacts with her.  She exemplifies what we want in our public employees.  If you can give her a plug in your blog, it would be a nice way of saying ‘thank you’.”

Consider that done, Jim!

By the way, you can report potholes to SDOT. They even have an app for that! Click here for more info.

Petition to repave Beach Drive

bd pot hole driveA Beach Drive neighbor, Jim Unland, wants Beach Drive to be repaved. He is looking for 100 signatures on his on-line petition to repave pot-hole riddled Beach Drive. Whether your drive or bike on Beach Drive, you’re probably very aware of sad state of our street.

From Jim’s emails:

Here is the link to a petition I created.  I am hoping you can put it on your blog and promote it and convince people to sign it and share it.  It is linked to Lisa Herbold’s email and Sue Byers (SDOT).

I have business cards ordered with the website on them and I will be walking the neighborhood giving them out.  Between websites like yours and my walking, I’m hoping to get enough signatures to get some movement on this issue by the City.

…When someone signs the petition, our Councilmember, Lisa Herbold and the two “at-large” Councilmembers, Tim Burgess and Lorena González will be emailed a message simply stating “Please Repave Beach Drive”  The other recipient of this message will be Sue Byers.  She is in charge of repaving at SDOT.”

In 2011, someone with a sense of humor re-named “Pot Hole Drive”.

You can sign the petition by clicking this link: https://www.change.org/p/jim-unland-repave-beach-drive