No Parking Signs Out and Back-Dated for Towing

UPDATE 12:12 pm:  just back from a walk and found a "temporary permit" on one of the approximate 30 signs with another phone number.  I was told they were trying to get the right dates on the signs but the mist was interferring with their markers.  The person one the phone seemed surprised the signs were standing up since the work ("repaving at the citizens request") is not scheduled to take place until next week.  He was trying to stress to me that these signs were giving us additional notice–I had to repeatedly tell him that early notice with wrong dates is confusing.  I'm told someone will be out to fix it soon.  Here's more info from West Seattle Blog.

PS: I did receive a voice mail from the City of Seattle's engineering department, she did not leave her name.  She states that this is for repaving is scheduled to take place on July 13 and the signs are out now to give us notice…the fact that the dates are wrong seems lost to her as well. [rant over]

ORIGINAL POST:  An hour or so ago I noticed no-parking signs being put up on Beach Drive…I didn't think any thing of it until I looked at the dates…it's EFFECTIVE YESTERDAY.


I called number on the bottom of the sign which directed me to the Seattle Department of Transportation.  The lady I talked to (I wish I grabbed her name) told me the signs are not there's if their name is not on it…most of the signs do not have "City of Seattle" on them but I notice one with a logo (not photo'd).  She still said this does not mean it's SDOT's sign.

She did say that 24 hour notice must be provided before a car can be towed.  When I asked her what happens if the signs were back-dated (or not dated properly) she couldn't answer.  She did take down my name and number. If I find out more information, I'll let you know.

At the very least, if your car ends up being towed because of a back-dated sign and improper notice, you can hopefully refer to this blog post.  I witnessed the signs going out and they were not out this morning when I walked my dog.

Mee Kwa Mooks Trash

A neighbor notified us that some people left garbage at Mee Kwa Mooks Park last night and told me that this has been happening often recently.  We live in such a beautiful area and it's sad that some people can be so thoughtless.

By the time I reached the park, a gentleman from Seattle Parks Department was cleaning up. It appears the whoever did this left behind playing cards and even a cloth tablecloth and consumed a few beers.


Moon Shell Harvesting–Your Thoughts?

DSC_0021 Last week I noticed a group of men that appeared to be collecting a significant amount of moon shells along the beach in front of Emma Schmitz Memorial View Point.    I also see this person (photo) on a regular basis doing the same…armed with decent size tote, plucking many shells from the beach. 

One day I asked this person what she was doing (she had gone well past the park and was on private property); she informed she was collecting moon shells and beach glass. 

One shell here or there may not make a significant change but weekly raidings may have an environmental impact.   I have no idea if the moon shells are being harvested for food or decor.

What are your thoughts?    

Someone Needs More Coffee

Perhaps its me. I was just driving along Beach Drive to take the kids to their bus stop when someone in a dark truck passed me. I was going 30 mph (a.k.a. the speed limit). After this person passed me, they actually slowed down to 20 mph.  No one was behind or in front of us.  And I’m not interested in passing anyone on Beach Drive or entering into a game of road rage.  I just don’t get it.

I think I’m going to pour myself another cup of coffee when I get back home.

This post was written with my Treo…waiting at the bus stop with my kids.