Found: Cat

Are you missing a stocky cat? This kitty has been hanging out around 58th and Chilberg.  A Beach Drive neighbor describes the kitty as:

“He has a long tail and was not spooked by me but would not come near me. A bit larger than the average with thick looking legs. He did not seem feral but wary. He is not here any longer but hung out for about 20-30 min. Hopefully he is just roaming and will go home but he does not look like any of the neighbors cats and the raccoons are back so wanted to check…”

found cat

LOST DOG: Have you seen Charlie?

This just in:

Missing poodle mix !!! He is in a foster home and the leash slipped out of their hands!
He is wearing his collar, leash, harness and has his microchip tag on him!!!!

Please call 208-320-2590

He was lost in the area near 35th and Barton.. They lost sight of him near Fauntleroy Park.

Charlie was last spotted Tuesday evening at 9:30 pm at 44th & Cambridge. He ran back into the park.



Are you missing a puppy? (FOUND & REUNITED!)

Update 9:30AM Found the hound!

Thanks to several Beach Drive neighbors… Charlotte, Judy, Kevin, Jeff, guy with stroller, lady with dogs, passing cars with sightings, etc. we managed to track Brownie down and reunite him with relieved owners.

Original Post…

Reports are coming in of a puppy who looks to be about 40 pounds and a lab-sheppard mix, running scared around Jacobson and Beach Drive.  He is too frightened to come when called.


Missing Kitty: Have you seen Fiona?

UPDATE: Fiona has been happily reunited with her human.  

Fiona is a black and white kitten who has been missing from the Beach Drive area since February 20th. You may have seen some of her flyers posted along Beach Drive.

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Blue Heron caught peeping into Beach Drive Homes

This morning our guard cat, Rocko, spied a Blue Heron scoping out our neighbors home.


The Heron looks like he’s wondering what’s being served for breakfast. There is actually a second heron on the beach below.



LOST DOG: Have you seen Elektra? UPDATE: FOUND!

August 12, 2013 at 9:07 am: UPDATE: Elektra has been found.  Many thanks to Beach Drive neighbors Alexa and Clyve and everyone else  for helping to reunite Elektra with her humans.

Elektra is a  5 year old black curly coat retriever who is lost tonight. Her owners are visiting friends at the 4700 block of Beach Drive and she became spooked and took off running down the street.


Beach Drive Fireworks Show this Saturday @ 4500 Block

It’ll be boom city this Saturday at 10PM for a 10 minute show of barged-in fireworks. Tuxedo and Tennis Shoes has given notice via West Seattle Blog about the brief show taking place off the 4500 block of Beach Drive. I know our dog Scupper will be looking for ducks falling out of the sky.  Hope everyone’s pets around the vicinity (just north of Mee-Kwa-Mooks) take it in stride!



Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog 

FOUND: Dog wondering on Beach Drive [Update: Reunited!]

UPDATE:  She’s been reunited with her humans! 


From our Facebook page:

Found collarless wandering Beach Dr. I put her in my car and took her home. Now she is just hanging out with my two dogs but I’m sure she misses her people!




This just in from a Beach Drive neighbor:

“We live right near la Rustica and this cat followed me into my yard and decided to stay today. We would approach but both of us are very allergic and he seems very  friendly and not scared of dogs. If you know his owner, please let us know. Thanks!!”


UPDATE: this kitty is hanging out at a home where the humans are allergic. They are wondering if anyoen else can take him in until his owners are found.  Please comment here and let us know.

Orson Memorial Water Bowl unveiling Monday 4/15/13 at 7PM (water fountain @ Emma Schmitz Overlook Park)

 If we had a category for this post it would read “Just for the helluvit”! The idea comes from an unknown kind soul that planted a purple bowl beneath the drinking fountain last year for all our 4 legged friends to drink out of. That bowl must have blown away during one of the winter storms so… we want to pay it forward this year with a stainless dog bowl in memory of an old friend named Orson that used to hobble (on a good day) out to that section of Emma Schmitz park. Rain or shine, bring your walking buddy out to the fountain at 7:00 tomorrow night for the first slurp of the season!

Orson walked the strip from 2005 to 2012

Bailey & Rosie, Sophie, Oliver, the baying hounds, Ottie & Sailer, Seyward, Winston, Gizmo, Cheeto & Paddy, Molly, Sammy, Tazi and the rest of ya tail waggers are cordially invited!