Can you hear me now on Beach Drive??

If you you were wondering why someone was holding a pole along Beach Drive in 90+ heat…


I’m thinking she drew the short straw while her co-worker is driving all air-conditioned around the Beach Drive vicinity taking reception readings for Verizon Cellular.

Poor cell reception comes up pretty often in conversatio…tion… arou…nd here. Good to see Verizon taking action!


Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog




Garbage to be picked up Monday

I've never been so excited to have my garbage picked up.   This from the Seattle PI:PC240002

"People who have service Monday through Wednesday should put their garbage out on their normal days next week. However, no garbage will be collected on Thursday, New Year's Day.

Customers will not be charged extra if they set out extra amounts of garbage, the utility said."

From Waste Management's website:

* Weather-Delayed Curbside Collection Standard Procedures:

Twice Regular Amount Accepted Next Regular Collection Day For Each Container
in Most WM Service Areas **

If weather conditions prevent collection of curbside garbage or recycling, please remove the containers from the street.

  • Up to twice the regular amount of garbage and/or yard waste will be accepted at no additional charge on the next regularly scheduled collection day for each container ** unless otherwise specified at or by special notification.
  • There is no limit on the amount of clean recyclables accepted for collection.

    **Every Other Week Recycling & Yard Waste Collected Two (2) weeks after Missed Collection:

    If recycling or yard waste is regularly collected every other week, the missed material will be collected on the next scheduled day for that container (two weeks from the missed collection), unless residents are otherwise notified by telephone or on this site.

Link to Seattle Public Utilities to determine which is due this Monday: recycling or yard waste (I've lost track and may just bring everything out to the curb).

What kind of egg is this?

We’re just returning home from a short work/vacation trip in Sonoma and discovered this egg on our upstairs patio.  There doesn’t appear to be any chicks running around from this good sized (2 plus inches) egg.  This is too big to be a baby Barn Swallow.  Any ideas of what this was/is?


Does West Seattle have THAT many Volvos?

I was surprised to find a card tucked in the door of our Volvo this morning from Swedish Automotive.   My first reaction was to check our vehicle for damage thinking someone had bumped into it and left their business card.    This business card is actually a coupon for 10% off labor.   One of my co-workers has teased me saying that if you live in West Seattle, you must drive a Volvo or have a Pug.  We have both. Our Pug is pushing 12 years old and our Volvo is a couple years new…but perhaps he’s right.   For someone to canvas our streets to leave coupons on cars  must mean we have a lot Volvos per capita.

Did anyone else get a business card coupon tucked in on their car?

Sharrow Shots

I published my last post, went out side to poop my dog and voila:  more sharrows.   Looks like they’re finishing up?  Img_5556 Img_5558 I noticed bicyclist driving outside the designated sharrow lane where it’s complete.   Img_5560