LOST CAT: Have you seen Freckle?

UPDATE December 29, 2014: Freckles has been found and is reunited with her humans.

Found: Keys

Keys Found: Constellation Park

Keyring found on pathway down to beach from seawall near Beach Drive and Alki intersection. Found Sunday morning, December 21, 2014. Automobile key for Honda. Contact terryblumer@gmail.com and describe rest of keyring to claim.

Are you missing a yellow kayak?

We received this email today:

Found a kayak floating (nearly submerged) Wednesday 11/26 along Beach Drive – pulled to shore and emptied.
Would like to find the owner to return. 

If you are missing a yellow kayak, please comment below and we’ll connect you with the person who has it.

MISSING: Have you seen Stinky the Chihuahua mix?

This just in:

I have been missing my Chihuahua mix since October 25th. He went missing from 37th and SW Henderson in West Seattle. His name is Stinky and he weighed about 12 pounds when he went missing. He has “KN” tattooed on his ear and is tan colored with a smooth coat. PLEASE CALL 206 795 5742 if you have seen him or know where he is. REWARD for his return.


Are you missing an industrial pontoon boat?

It looks like a dock has lifted anchor and is now off the shores of (approx) 4800 – 5000 Beach Drive SW.  My apologies for the poor photo quality.


Lost Brown Dog found on 63rd

This handsome dog is running loose around 63rd off of Beach Drive and needs to be reunited with his or her human. Do you know who he/she belongs to?

FOUND: Orange Male Tabby Cat [REUNITED!]

UPDATE JULY 7, 2014 – THIS JUST IN: The cat was reunited with it’s family this weekend. We also posted flyers and I am unclear which one (posting on the blog or the flyers) brought the owners over. I was working with my neighbor Cheri to find his home and she is the one who worked with them. But anyway, thank you very much for your quick response and assistance posting his message. :) Have a great day!

Orange Tabby found 4208 Beach Drive

Orange male tabby cat found at 4208 Beach Drive SW. No collar. Very friendly.  He misses his peeps!

Found Dog: Small Black Pug-ish Dog

This in tonight:

Can you please post this found dog?  I know someone must be looking for him.  Very sweet…..playing in my backyard on 63rd SW.

Found running loose this afternoon on 61st SW and Hinds…..no collar.




Found: Cat

Are you missing a stocky cat? This kitty has been hanging out around 58th and Chilberg.  A Beach Drive neighbor describes the kitty as:

“He has a long tail and was not spooked by me but would not come near me. A bit larger than the average with thick looking legs. He did not seem feral but wary. He is not here any longer but hung out for about 20-30 min. Hopefully he is just roaming and will go home but he does not look like any of the neighbors cats and the raccoons are back so wanted to check…”

found cat

Are you missing a kayak?

UPDATE 9:50 AM: The kayak is being retrieved by the SPD.



There appears to be a submerged kayak floating off the shores of Emma Schmitz Park this morning.

kayak kayak_002

The Seattle Police Department has a boat that just happens to be in Port Orchard, that will be checking this out. The Coast Guard has been notified as well.