Unusual carcass washes up on Beach Drive shore

A local neighbor reported this washed up shark carcass to Washington Fish & Wildlife late this morning while walking his dog along Emma Schmitz Viewpoint…


Beach Drive resident Mark Snyder spotted the nearly 6 foot hulk after peering over the edge of the seawall to see what all the bird racket was about.

A spokesperson from WSFW believed that it may be related to a species of Thresher shark they’ve been seeing due to the warmer than usual waters off the coast. She also mentioned that ocean going ships will often snag an animal from distant waters and deposit them on inland shores as they reduce speed. A Wildlife boat has been dispatched for tomorrow morning to drag the shark back to the Armeni ramp for proper disposal.

Mark is often seen sail boarding on the windiest of days around here and told us that “this will definitely make me better at my sport, I’d hate to fall out there and meet one of these guys!”


Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog

UFO buzzes onlookers at Mee-Kwa-Mooks

It’s a plane, it’s a bug, no, it’s a powered paraglider cruising at low altitude off the shores of Beach Drive SW late this afternoon…

IMG_3952The flight path appeared to be north around Alki Point at around 3:50 PM then back south towards Lincoln Park and beyond!


Pretty darn cool if you ask me!


Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog

Missing Kitty: Have you seen Fiona?

UPDATE: Fiona has been happily reunited with her human.  

Fiona is a black and white kitten who has been missing from the Beach Drive area since February 20th. You may have seen some of her flyers posted along Beach Drive.

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Next Winner in the Beach Drive Blog Photo Contest

These two lovey sunset photos were submitted by Larry. It was really challenging for our judges to pick between them… we decided to make the photo with the Harbor West Condos extending over Puget Sound.  This photo is currently featured as our Facebook header.

larry 2 larry

If you are a Beach Drive neighbor and would like to enter our quasi photo contest, click here for more information.

First “Winner” in the BDB Photo Contest

This is our first entry to our photo contest which we announced earlier this month.  The modest photographer, Alexa, says, “Lol, not the best since from my phone but I love it.”


We love it too, Alexa and it’s the new “header” on our Facebook page until we announce the next photo contest winner.

Would you like to have your photo proudly represent Beach Drive on our Facebook page (www.fb.com/beachdriveblog)?

It’s easy! Here are the basic rules:

  1. You must be a Beach Drive neighbor (meaning you live on or very near Beach Drive)
  2. Photos can submitted via email to rhonda@mortgageporter.com
  3. Contest winners are selected by the BDB committee
  4. Winning photo will be displayed on Beach Drive Blog’s Facebook page (be sure to “Like”us!)
  5. Winning photo will have a blog post (like this one) featured on Beach Drive Blog
  6. Winning photo will be displayed for at least a week (give or take).

It’s all about having fun with neighbors in the beautiful part of the world we call home.

Congrats, Alexa and thank you for your entry!

Photo Contest!

We thought it would be fun to have a little contest with Beach Drive Blog.

Beach Drive neighbors can submit their favorite photos that illustrate Beach Drive.

The “winner” will have their photo proudly displayed as our Facebook header photo.  We’ll announce each “winner” with a blog post providing them full credit for their beautiful photo.

Depending on how many great photos we receive, we’ll continue to rotate photos we feel best reflect our neighborhood of Beach Drive.

We (the high and powerful peeps behind the curtain at Beach Drive Blog headquarters) reserve the right to not publish any photo for any reason. Photos submitted may not be commercial and must be of your own creation and authority to share.

You can submit your photos to us either by Facebook or sending us an email.

So what are you waiting for?? :) Get snapping!


Video of last nights fireworks off Beach Drive

Lots of oohs, ahs and wows took place last night watching the beautiful fireworks display that took place off the shores of Beach Drive by Me Kwa Mooks Park.

Don’t be Alarmed! Last Resort Fire Dept. just chill’n at Mee-Kwa-Mooks

Vintage fire trucks and crew take some time to relax after cruising the West Seattle parade earlier today…

Getting ready for the fireworks show at 10PM tonight?




Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog

Orson Memorial Water Bowl unveiling Monday 4/15/13 at 7PM (water fountain @ Emma Schmitz Overlook Park)

 If we had a category for this post it would read “Just for the helluvit”! The idea comes from an unknown kind soul that planted a purple bowl beneath the drinking fountain last year for all our 4 legged friends to drink out of. That bowl must have blown away during one of the winter storms so… we want to pay it forward this year with a stainless dog bowl in memory of an old friend named Orson that used to hobble (on a good day) out to that section of Emma Schmitz park. Rain or shine, bring your walking buddy out to the fountain at 7:00 tomorrow night for the first slurp of the season!

Orson walked the strip from 2005 to 2012

Bailey & Rosie, Sophie, Oliver, the baying hounds, Ottie & Sailer, Seyward, Winston, Gizmo, Cheeto & Paddy, Molly, Sammy, Tazi and the rest of ya tail waggers are cordially invited! 

Andrew at Metropolitan Market WINS “Best Bagger” in National Competition!

2013 02 10 15 58 02 140

A huge congrats to Andrew for winning the National Bagger Championships competition in Las Vegas. I was just at Metropolitan Market, where Andrew bags groceries when not competing to be the national best, where it was announced over their loud speakers. Shoppers and employees stopped to clap and cheer for Andrew!!

Pictured is the back of a shirt that several of Andrew’s co-workers are wearing today in Andrew’s honor.

Now we know someone famous!