Anglers at Mee Kwa Mooks

What’s with all the tents at Mee Kwa Mooks today? Well…it’s the second annual Emerald Waters Fly Fest!

This event is free and features a cook-off. Last year, the event was held at Lincoln Park. Mee Kwa Mooks appears to be more conducive for this event with the lack of picnic tables. Click here for more info.


Seattle Night Out is Tuesday

Seattle Night Out takes place this Tuesday, August 4th. This is a great opportunity for neighbors to get together to help build community and prevent crime.

If your block doesn’t have an official Seattle Night Out event planned, it’s not too late to plan something. You don’t have to have your event registered with SPD.

Even if you’re just reaching out to immediate neighbors for a pot luck dinner, snacks or share a refreshing beverage or two.

Have fun, Neighbors!

Happening Now: The Salty Half Marathon

2014-10-18 09.58.41Keep an eye out for marathoner’s running and walking along Beach Drive this morning. They’re taking part in the 6th annual Salty Half marathon.

Meet “Scupper’s” Sister aka Seattle’s Bird Lady at Summerfest

My Sister-in-Law, Paula, is a talented artist who creates beautiful, functional copper roofed bird houses with antiques, whimsical, and themed designs. She will be at West Seattle’s Summerfest starting this Friday, in space 3 at “Seattle’s Bird Lady“.

My hubby and intrepid Beach Drive Blog Reporter, Scupper, along with his son, KC, will also be there helping out.

Please be sure to stop by and say hello!

IMG_20140709_162845064_HDR IMG_20140709_162741799_HDR IMG_20140709_162505106_HDR IMG_20140709_162301953_HDR


Who doesn’t need a 12th man birdhouse? 🙂IMG_20140709_163011514_HDR

Obliteride to race through Beach Drive

On Sunday, August 11, 2013, around one hundred cyclist will pedal the through Beach Drive as part of their 180 mile trek for Obliteride.  Obliteride Obliteride is a fundraiser for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to help obliterate cancer.

Our neighborhood is the 2nd day of a 180 mile course with day 2 beginning at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma and finishing in Magnuson Park in North Seattle.

Neighbors are encouraged to come to the end of their driveway, set up chairs, play music and cheer for the cyclists as they ride through the area. Cyclists will be wearing a rider number on their helmet, back of jersey and on the back of their seat.

Here’s the West Seattle portion of the course from Burien:

          • Right on Marine View Drive (Arbor Heights)
          • They will go downhill from there (Endolyne Joes) 
          • Continue through the intersection and head North to Fauntleroy
          • Right on Fauntleroy (South end of Lincoln Park)
          • Left on 47th Ave. SW (Union 76 station)
          • Downhill to Lowman Beach
          • Soft right onto Beach Drive to Alki 
          • Rest Stop at Coastal Surf Boutique (10am – 2pm)
          • Continue on Alki Ave. to Harbor Ave 
          • Left on Alki Trail and over lower W. Seattle Bridge

Let’s cheer these cyclist on for such an important cause!


Seattle Night Out is Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Seattle Night Out will be here in ten days!  If you are planning an event for your area on Beach Drive, it’s not too late to register your event with the SPD.  You are also welcome to share your Beach Drive area Night Out event on our Facebook Page.

This event is a great way for neighbors to connect.

From SPD:

Night Out Against Crime is an opportunity for individual neighborhoods to renew their commitment to the following:

  • Heighten crime and drug prevention awareness
  • Generate support for, and participation in, local anti-crime programs
  • Strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships
  • Send a message to criminals that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.

It’s a great excuse to get together and celebrate your neighborhood! If you would like us to promote your Beach Drive area Seattle Night Out event – please let us know!

Home Buyer Education Class in West Seattle

Your’s truly will be teaching a Washington State Housing Finance Commission sponsored Home Buyers Education Class in West Seattle this Saturday from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm at the High Point Library. Class participants are eligible for down payment assistance and the Home Advantage Mortgage program.  You don’t need to be a first time home buyer to attend or qualify.

If you know someone who is considering buying a home or would like to learn more about the process, feel free to share this information with them.  You can see classes that I’m teaching and rsvp at

Happy 100th Birthday, Alki Light House!

Today’s celebration marking the 100th birthday of the Alki Light House began at the Log Museum at noon. The museum is featuring a new exhibit with items from the light house and has free cookies and coloring for the little ones.


The Alki Light House is set to open in a few minutes (1:00 pm) to start their celebration… stay tuned and be sure to check out Scupper’s photos taken from the Sound of the light house.

UPDATE 1:45 PM:  The Alki Light House is doing tours and, as standard procedure, they limit how many people may enter at a time.

Alki Light House

While you wait for turn to celebrate on the Alki Light House grounds, they have quizzes available or you can learn how to tie various knots.


100 years old & looking maaarvalous!

Two Beach Drive beauties are turning over the century this year. According to King County Records, this gal was born in 1913…


Sweetheart, you haven’t changed a bit!


Not sure of the year but check out the ride out front!


The next centurion is actually a remodel that was finished up in 1913 replacing a lens-lantern atop a wooden post. This is an excerpt from Lighthouse Friends .Com

After the government purchased an octagonal parcel at the tip of the point from Edmund Hansen for a sum of $9,999. the present concrete fog signal building with attached, thirty-seven foot octagonal tower was completed on April 29th, 1913, and the station was activated a few weeks later on June 1.



 Photo courtesy of University of Washington archives


Circa 1959 from Washington State Digital Archives

Here’s a few pics of the beacon taken earlier today from the S.S. Scupper. Notice the blue tent out front of the Coast Guard residence. They’re preparing for grand birthday party tomorrow to commemorate the 100 year anniversary. The Log House Museum is also hosting a shin-dig from noon to 4!




Weather is predicted for the high 60’s tomorrow.

 Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog

Orson Memorial Water Bowl unveiling Monday 4/15/13 at 7PM (water fountain @ Emma Schmitz Overlook Park)

 If we had a category for this post it would read “Just for the helluvit”! The idea comes from an unknown kind soul that planted a purple bowl beneath the drinking fountain last year for all our 4 legged friends to drink out of. That bowl must have blown away during one of the winter storms so… we want to pay it forward this year with a stainless dog bowl in memory of an old friend named Orson that used to hobble (on a good day) out to that section of Emma Schmitz park. Rain or shine, bring your walking buddy out to the fountain at 7:00 tomorrow night for the first slurp of the season!

Orson walked the strip from 2005 to 2012

Bailey & Rosie, Sophie, Oliver, the baying hounds, Ottie & Sailer, Seyward, Winston, Gizmo, Cheeto & Paddy, Molly, Sammy, Tazi and the rest of ya tail waggers are cordially invited!