Vehicle in Puget Sound off Emma Schmitz View Point

Horns are sounding from a vehicle that appears to have drove off Beach Drive at Emma Shcmitz View Point right now. We have called 9-1-1 and the SPD and Harbor Patrol on their way.  The vehicle’s lights are still blinking.

We will update this post when we have more information.

2:58 am UPDATE: Scupper was first on the scene, immediately followed by the SFD. SPD and Harbor Patrol. It appears that the vehicle left Beach Drive without a driver.

A concrete block landed on the passenger side of the vehicle that may have been placed on the gas pedal.

car june 22
car june 22 a

Currently the tide is on the way out.

There is no sign of passengers in or around the vehicle.

Possible car prowl last night

A neighbor notified us that around midnight, they saw a young man appear to be going through a car on the 4700 block of Beach Drive. When the neighbors approached the vehicle, which he had opened the car doors of, he ran across the street to his silver min-van and sped off. The police were about this incident.

If for nothing else, this can serve as a reminder to lock your car doors and keep valuables out of sight (or better yet, out of  your cars) to deter criminals.

Bike Stolen from Secure Condo on Beach Drive

This is from  the West Seattle Blog:

My beautiful blue/black carbon Lemond Zurich T- 04 woman’s road bike was stolen from a secure condo garage along Beach Drive, where it hung bolted and locked on a concrete wall. Serial #WL3149448, registered with the police on 1/14/2005. Blue Bontrager tires, Terry gel saddle, lights, bag, pump, U lock, etc. I rode hundreds of miles in events like Cycle Oregon and loved this bike. It fit me like a glove. Please watch out for it and tell your friends to do the same. Thanks!

Please keep you eyes out for Sue’s bike which was stolen 3 weeks ago.

Brazen break-ins on Beach Drive

We’re hearing of a couple of home burglaries that have taken place on this week in the Mee Kwa Mooks / Emma Schmitz View Point neighborhood of Beach Drive. The burglaries tooks place during the day where the thieves broke through glass doors or windows to gain access to the home. Electronics were stolen in both cases.

Please be extra alert. Report anything unusual to 9-1-1 and lock your doors and windows. Criminals are hoping for easy access during warm summer days.

Stay safe!!

Big bottom fishing bust happening off Beach Drive

A frequent visitor to the south Alki “Rock Pile” reef appears to be suspected for illegal fishing. The authorities have been rafted up for at least an hour searching and confiscating what must be illegal fish. This has been a regular stop for this boat over the last couple of years.

DSC_0888The boat registration appears to be from Oregon

With a view from my telescope, I can see handcuffs being put on a couple of the men and a telephones being passed between the 10 fishermen/women/children and the authority. Might be a language barrier. Poles have been confiscated and paperwork passed out.

The bottomfish rules for Area 10 are as follows…


DSC_0904Several fish have been thrown to the gulls. We may be reading about this on a poaching enforcement site soon!


Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog

Car Prowled yesterday

I received this email from on of our neighbors:

“ I live at 3800 block of Beach Drive and someone went through my car… they just looked through it and took a couple of things…”

Just a reminder to keep you doors locked and to call the police when something like this happens.

Resident chases off prowlers breaking into trailered boat

Appears that your fishing/pleasure boats may have been safer in the water than on land.  A neighbor’s off of SW Angeline (4700 block of Beach Drive) thwarted an attempted theft by prowler(s) rummaging under the canvas cover of their trailered boat on Tuesday.  The incident was reported to the police but haven’t heard of any arrests. 

Probably a good idea to remove any semi-attached electronics, fishing gear, trolling motors, etc. off your boats this off- season. Keep in mind that thieves have no problem taking the transom along with your small outboards! Yes, I found out the hard way a few years back…

Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog

Possible attempted break-in on Beach Drive

 We just received this email from a neighbor around the 4600 block of Beach Drive:

“yesterday I noticed that  there was a gouge mark and a missing chunk off my sliding glass door frame, next to the latch in the back of my house. It looks like someone tried to pry open my back slider…. I also noticed a cigarette butt in my side flower bed…too far away from the street to be a coincidence. Someone had to have been between our two houses smoking…”

This Beach Drive neighbor has notified the police. 

SPD warns of increase in street robberies

 We just received a newsletter warning of increases street robberies around the south precinct. 

We have noted an increase in strong armed robberies in the South Precinct area in the past several weeks. These robberies have been in the form of necklaces being grabbed from around the victims’ neck, purse snatches, and cell phones being snatched out of victims’ hands.
In most incidents, the crime victims describe a lone male suspect, however we have incidents involving two or more male suspects and another involving one male and one female as the robbers. Based on the witness and victim descriptions, there may be several different suspects committing these robberies. The robberies have occurred most often in the afternoon-evening hours. In most cases, the robbery victim was alone or had appeared to be alone.
The victims of these crimes have noted that the suspects had either been following them or had been observing them for a short time before committing the robbery. One victim noted a suspect following her in and out of several stores. She got nervous and left one store, which is when the robber struck. Other witnesses have noted that the suspects appeared to be waiting and watching for potential victims.

You can read the Seattle Police Department community newsletter here, which includes safety tips.

Crime: UPS Package and Car Ransacked and Seattle Night Out

We received this message via Facebook yesterday:

WARNING!!!! We live on Jacobsen Road and came home to my package delivered from UPS open and item stolen. Be aware of mail thieves and package thieves.

And learned from another neighbor by Jacobsen/Beach Drive that their car was ransacked….nothing was stolen because nothing was left to steal.  However the creeps left the glove box open and it was apparent someone had gone through the car looking for valuables.

Seattle Night Out is less than a month away on August 7th – let's have a HUGE turn out. If you're planning a SNO around Beach Drive, please comment and let us know or send me a private email.