Happening now in Puget Sound

The fireboat that is cruising back and forth in Puget Sound is from San Francisco.
I believe this super pumper may be this brand new fireboat.

Vigor Fab is building this new fireboat to add to San Francisco’s fleet.

Super Yacht Lady Lola cruising by

It looks like Lady Lola may have been leaving Bremerton when we spied her from the shores of Beach Drive. Here’s a pic heading towards Alki Point.
This Super Yacht is 205 feet and available for charter for a mere $365,000… per week! Built in 2002, she was declared the most beautiful yacht of her time. Here’s more info.

If Lady Lola does something remarkable, making her worthy of membership to the Alki Yacht Club, she might be allowed to tie to our buoy!

C’mon baby douse my fire

Another type of vessel has been taking a spin on the popular Beach Drive test track. Joining Delta Marine and the WA State Ferries is a brand spanking new 108′ fire boat built by Foss Maritime & bound for the Port of Long Beach California. The super pumper named “Fire Boat 20” tested forward & reverse for most of the day along the drive this morning.

According to Pacific Maritime Magazine

The Long Beach pair each carry four Caterpillar 3512-C main engines, producing a total of more than 8,000 HP. Two engines are dedicated for pumping only, while two do double duty – propulsion and simultaneously adding more pumping power for a total of over 40,000 gpm. A pair of Cat C12 150-kW gensets provides the boats’ electric power. The largest monitor will be capable of delivering 12,000 gpm at a 600-foot range. The other nine monitors range from 1,500 to 6,000 gpm. Top speed is 12 knots – sufficient for a compact port like Long Beach. The low-wash speed is eight knots and on-site endurance is five days.


Being one of the most technically advanced emergency boats in the world, it even has systems that protects the firefighters from chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats. I looked into buying one to protect Beach Drive but couldn’t negotiate them down from the 25+ mil price tag!


Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog

Is this your boat?

It looks like a boat (guessing it’s a 18 foot Boston Whaler) has taken on water from today’s wind storm. This photo was submitted from a Beach Drive reader.

aug 29 boat storm

It’s listing a bit to port side, submerging the outboard motor.
There is a blue canvas on this white boat which is tied to a buoy. Best estimates is that the buoy and boat are by the 5400 to 6000 block of Beach Drive, in the cove north of Lincoln Park.

The Coast Guard has been called.

John C. Stennis CVN 74 returning home


Just another day in the life of living on Beach Drive…

…actually, in the ten years we’ve lived on Beach Drive…this has to the first time I’ve seen this!


It appears to be a photo shoot. I can barely make out the name on the back of the boat “Endurance” with a couple letters following. Any more info on this? I love it when Delta Marine test drives their mega-yachts in our back yard… Endurance  looks like it could a model from Hampton Yachts?

Awoken by a barking sea lion…low flying helicopter over a motorboat… just a typical week! 😉

It’s a great day for a regatta

I am guessing this sail boat race is the Corinthian Yacht Club  South Sound Series, just passing Lincoln Park and heading to Three Tree Point. If you know differently, please chime in!







Christmas Ships cruising off the shores of Beach Drive

It was a perfect evening for the Christmas ships. The weather cooperated and we counted about 10 boats in total taking part in the cruise. What a treat to watch! We may catch another glimpse on Monday when the Argosy Christmas ships cruise to Manchester.

2014-12-13_1714 2014-12-13_1712_001 2014-12-13_1712 2014-12-13_1711 2014-12-13_1710
PS: Scupper says you may see BDB represented in the Christmas ship cruise next year. Ho ho ho!

M/V Puget fetching debris off Beach Drive

The US Army Corp of Engineers are busy hauling off one the largest flotillas of debris I’ve seen off our shores. As a frequent boater out here, I can’t imagine trying to maneuver around these half sunken hazards at night. Rudolph the Radar better be extra bright when he leads the Christmas ships on the 13th!


Port of Manchester in the background…


The M/V Puget has been dedicated for this type of debris removal in the Seattle District…

The Corps has continuing authority to study and undertake projects to remove and dispose of derelict objects such as sunken vessels, waterfront debris and derelict structures, and other sources of drift that may damage vessels or threaten public health, recreation, or the environment at publicly maintained commercial boat harbors. The harbor need not be, but usually is a Corps project. Congressional authorization is required for projects with Federal costs of $400,000 or more. (USACE Engineering Regulation 1105-2-100)


Scupper, reporting for Beach Drive Blog


The Christmas Ships

2013-11-10_1635It won’t be long before the holidays are here, which brings the Argosy Christmas Ships.  Here are some of the dates where Beach Drive neighbors may be able to enjoy the festive scenes from the comforts of your home.

DEPARTS: Elliott Bay Marina, 3:30pm-5:50pm
CHOIR: Dickens Carolers
PERFORMANCES: 4:20-4:40 Lowman Beach Park*; 5:10-5:30 Alki Beach Park*

DEPARTS: Elliott Bay Marina, 7:00pm-9:45pm
CHOIR: Holy Names Academy Choir
PERFORMANCES: 8:05-8:25 Manchester City Park*; 9:15-9:35 Salty’s on Alki*

PS: Don’t forget to send us your holiday pics if you would like them shared with neighbors (and the wide world on the web) on Beach Drive Blog.