Do you know the owner of this sailboat?

This 20 – 25 foot sail boat (similar to a Thunderbird style boat) appears to be drifting.

aug 8 boat 2

We first noticed this boat closer to Weather Watch Park. We are not sure if it broke anchor or is dragging anchor. The boat is currently off the shores of Emma Schmitz View Point (approx 4600 Beach Drive).
aug 8 boat

A couple of notices have been posted on the vessel, which appears to be unoccupied.  If you, or someone you know, is the captain of this boat, please let them know it’s gone adrift!

aug 8 boat 3
The authorities have been notified.


  1. It’s indeed a 26′ T-Bird. The anchor line tied to the mast has a 1 to 1 scope and is dragging at high tide (moving south with the flood tide). Any registration #’s have been painted over…

  2. Spoke with Coast Guard, Sheriff, and Seattle Harbor Patrol but no action… last seen floating towards the shipping channel!


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  2. […] around 1:45 pm the SPD returned to where the (assumed) abandoned sailboat was temporarily […]

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